About us

Our Commitment is to provide the best review possible for our readers so they can make an easy well informed buying decision. To accomplish that we go through a rigorous research process which almost takes a week to complete. We first understand the internal and external working of the product and explain it so that even a non-technical person can understand. We go through thousands of comments and customer reviews to understand what people feel who have already had experience with the product. The main purpose is to give you a holistic in-depth analysis of the product to help you better understand the product and also help you with the buying decision.

Our Team: Kristin Hitchcock (Senior Editor)

After working in a media company for years as the chief operating officer, I joined this website to provide consumers with the best review that will help them make a better and more informed decision. Using my experience can try to get authentic information using different market research tools. After a rigorous research process, I revise the article multiple times to ensure that the readers get what they are looking for in that review article.