13 Reasons Why You Should Own A Dehumidifier

The majority of common airborne allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew require a moist environment to thrive. These commonly affect people who live in a humid environment. It is also common for individuals with a humid living space.

You’ll commonly experience it in smaller living spaces that are poorly ventilated like a bathroom or kitchen area or in an apartment or in the basement.

This is where the use of dehumidifier comes very handy. A dehumidifier is beneficial in a lot of ways. We are going to discuss a few of them in this article. Now, let’s begin:

1. Eliminates allergens from your home

Allergens like dust mites, mold, and mildew only thrive if your living space harbors excessive air moisture. Dehumidifiers help to maintain the humidity level in your home around forty-five to fifty percent which is commonly unconducive for the growth of these allergens.

These allergens commonly breed in crawl spaces. So, placing a dehumidifier in those locations help to minimize their growth and lessen your symptoms.

2. Prevents Asthma Attacks

A few triggers of asthma attacks include dust mites, some industrial cleaning agents, central heating, debris, and dust from home remodeling projects and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) commonly present in carpets and furniture.

Dehumidifiers prevent asthma attacks by eliminating some of the popular triggers like mold, dust mites, VOCs, and specks of dust and debris from home remodeling projects.

Despite the ability of a dehumidifier to eliminate these triggers, the effect is more pronounced when you combine it with other solutions like air purification, the use of humidifiers, or a system that improves airflow in a home.

3. Eliminates excess air moisture from your home

Moisten air constitute a problem to almost everything in your home. It makes your living space a conducive breeding ground for mold and mildews. Mold and mildews affect almost everything in your home including your books, ceiling fans, and foods. Running a dehumidifier helps to eliminate the excess moisture and keep your foods and properties safe.

4. Mitigates Condensation

The major reason why you commonly see mold on your walls, windows and other surfaces in your home is as a result of the condensation of water vapor. Condensation regularly forms anytime a moving air touches a cold surface. You’d normally prevent condensation by ensuring that your home is well ventilated.

As long as cold air flows in to replace the warm air such issues would not occur. A humidifier eliminates the moisture from the air in your home keeping your home warmer and drier thus eliminating the issue of condensation.

5. Eliminates unpleasant stuffy smells caused by Molds and Mildews

When you constantly breathe in spores of mold in your home, it could lead to a lot of pulmonary and intestinal health issues. Besides that, it is distasteful to work into your home and perceive nasty stuffy odors.

Mildew commonly feed on cotton, wool and silk materials. They also eat leather materials, paper, and wood. Mildews can as well breed in carpets, furniture, magazines, newspapers and other books. You can as well find them in beneath baseboards, at the back walls, beneath sinks, and in laundry baskets.

You can eliminate these issues by running a dehumidifier. It stops further breathing of mold and mildews and eliminates the gases they give out which is the cause of such smells.

6. Dehumidifiers make the air in your home purer

The main work of dehumidifiers is not to purify the air. However, there are some dehumidifiers that come with a combination of air-purifying feature and moisture eliminating feature. These types of dehumidifier are great for individuals suffering from respiratory issues.  By removing excess moisture and purifying the air at the same time, they are most cost-effective that when you have to buy separate products.

7. Calms and relieves the skin

When you are frequently exposed to chemicals like soap, detergents or with allergens like mold, mildews and dust mites, it can result in eczema, or severe skin inflammation and itching. You can reduce such acute skin issue by running a dehumidifier to eliminate these allergens which are the root cause of eczema.

8. Eases Respiratory issues

A lot of triggers of respiratory issues are caused by allergens and these allergens can be eliminated by running a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier makes the air drier and makes the environment unconducive for the growth and spread of allergens.

Dehumidifiers also minimize triggers fro hyperventilation attacks and maintain the air in the room at a more tolerable temperature. This immensely benefits individuals with respiratory issues.

9. Enhances the Immune functions of the body

When your immune system functions normally, you’ll escape being infested by a lot of disease-causing organisms like bacteria. A weaker immune system commonly exposes you to airborne allergens.

Dehumidifiers make environment unconducive for allergens and in so doing improve your immune functions. Besides, the machine makes your living environment more comfortable and this mitigates your stress level. This translates to a boost in your immune functions.

10. Inhibits the growth of  Mold and mildews on Clothes and Linens

Whether you live in a new or an old home, the air in your home can be damp. And when that happens excess moisture can settle on your walls, floors and even in your clothes and linens. This causes damaging effects on your clothes and linens. Overexposure to moist air causes your clothes to develop mold and this can affect your health if you inhale it or swallow it. A dehumidifier increases airflow in your home, stops further development and spread of mold around your home.

11. Keeps your Dry Foods fresher longer

Molds can affect dry foods in your home including cereals, bread, grains, cake mixture, and powders especially if they are kept in a damp environment. Mold makes such foods unfit for consumption and results in wastages. However, by running a dehumidifier, you can eliminate these issues. The machine eliminates excess moisture and prevents further accumulation of molds.

12. Prevents Gastrointestinal problems

Anytime you swallow mold pores, it could result in a few gastrointestinal health issues like vomiting, stomach aches, diarrhea, and candidiasis. The only way to avoid breathing in the mold is by eliminating excess moisture which can make your home a breeding ground for mold. Also, ensure your home is always properly ventilated. To minimize excess moisture, all you need to do is to run a dehumidifier.

13. Keeps your equipment from rusting

Equipment like electronics, gears, machines, door hinges, and you’re your vehicles. The rust would overtime prevent such equipment from functioning normally. A dehumidifier would remove excess moisture from the air around your home which cause rust and make your properties safer and sturdier.


There you have it, a lot of benefits you can derive from running a dehumidifier in your home. Live more comfortably, happier, healthier and safer and protect your properties and belongings by running a dehumidifier in your home today!

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