Signs you need a dehumidifier

Maintaining a suitable level of humidity is essential in any living environment. Insufficient humidity can result in issues like dry and flaky lips. It can also make the wooden furniture in your home to develop cracks. On the flip side, if the humidity in your home is high, it results in problems of molds and mildews which can cause several allergic reactions and affect your health in several ways. You can measure the humidity of your home with a hygrometer.

However, sometimes it may not provide an overall accurate result for every part of your home. If you discover your home has excess moisture, then, it is the time to invest in a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier would help to eliminate the excess moisture in your home.

Besides the use of a hygrometer, there are a few visible signs that immediately tell you that your home has excess moisture

Let’s quickly discuss them one by one:

1. Signs of molds on your ceiling and wall corners

It is not difficult to discover mold spots in a home. When you notice small dark spots on your bathroom ceilings or around your toilets, wash hand basin and showers, it immediately tells you that molds have infested your home. This commonly occurs when the air in your home has excess moisture.

Your bathroom needs to be well ventilated to allow the steam that evaporates anytime you take a hot shower or warm bath to easily dissipates outside. If there is no adequate ventilation in your bathroom, consider investing in an exhaust fan.

Without proper ventilation, the vapor would condense back, gets collected and starts to build up. Eventually, this creates a conducive breeding environment for molds and mildews.

To handle the poor ventilation issue, run the exhaust fan immediately after every shower. Besides the exhaust fan, you need a dehumidifier. Running a dehumidifier ensures that there is no excess water trapped anywhere around the room.

If you discover mold spot in other parts of your home like your basements, stores, and garages or notice that your window sill is beginning to deteriorate, replace the affected part and remember to maintain a proper level of humidity with a dehumidifier to avoid further occurrence.

2. Condensation or water droplets forming on your Window and Patio Door

If you can spot beads of water starting to form on your patio doors and windows, this is an indication that your home has excess moisture. In which case, you need a dehumidifier to rid your home of excessive moisture.

Apart from beads of water, you could also observe signs of fogs or vapor on the glass. The first thing to do when you discover this issue is to find out the root cause of the problem.

There are three reasons for such signs. It could be caused by excessive use of a humidifier or by the use of a humidifier with a larger capacity than what your home requires.

The second reason it could occur is as a result of improperly sealed construction materials.

The last reason you could have too much moisture in your home is the climatic condition of your living environment. For example, excessive downpours can cause moisture issues in your home.

When the excess moisture is allowed to settle on your window sills, over time, it could degenerate into molds and mildews buildups and lead to the eventual deterioration of pieces of wooden furniture in your home.

Excess moisture that is caused by excessive use of a humidifier can be remedied by turning off the equipment. However, if the cause is due to the other two cases, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier to correct the humidity level of your home and return it back to normal.

3. Water Run-Off

Another sign that you need a dehumidifier is when you observe that the groundwater is constantly seeping into your home. You would know this by checking your basement. If you observe a watermark on some part of the wall or you start to notice some water entering inside your home anytime it rains, then it is a clear indication that your home needs a dehumidifier. The machine can eliminate any excess moisture.

Besides running a dehumidifier, you should equally try to find out whether there are structural issues in your home that are causing water leakages and try to rectify them for a lasting solution.

4. Stuffy smelling home

Anytime you perceive stuffy smells in your home, it should signal you that there are buildups of molds and mildew around your home. These micro-organisms only thrive in an environment with excessive moisture content. 

You’ll commonly start to notice these signs in specific locations of your home like the basements and garages especially if the windows are improperly sealed. It could as well be as a result of excessive buildups of groundwater, which gradually make its way into your home.

When you start to notice those smells, investigate the cause of the problem and resolve it. You can use an ozone machine to eliminate the musty smell. After you’ve done that, run a dehumidifier to eliminate any excess moisture to prevent future occurrence.

5. Water Dent and Stains

Another sign that you need to run a dehumidifier is if you notice some water stains. Such stains are sure signs of excess water.  It could be that you have a broken and leaking pipe. You can get an expert to help you find out the root cause of the issue and help you fix it.

However, before going for a lasting solution, you need to run a dehumidifier to eliminate excess moisture and prevent further damage from occurring.

6. Rotting Wood

If you start to notice wooden panels of your home beginning to rot, it is an indication of excess moisture. Excess moisture buildup on wood over time results in the deterioration of the wood and result in a favorable breeding ground for pests such as termites.

When you start to discover some wooden panels in your home are beginning to deteriorate, it is a sure sign of excess moisture buildup. You need to run your dehumidifier to eliminate the moisture content of the air. And for a more permanent solution, replace the deteriorating wood and fix the root cause of the excess water.

7. You are other occupants of your home are having allergic reactions

If you or any member of your family is having serious allergic reactions, chances are that it is caused by excess moisture in the air around your home.

When your home is excessively damp, it easily results in growth mold and mildews together with dust mites. Purifying the air in your home and running a dehumidifier would eliminate the excess moisture, which would, in turn, eliminate these indoor allergens and make you and your loved ones to feel better.


Whether you are moving into a new home or living in your old home, you should constantly look out for signs of excess water which indicate a serious need for a dehumidifier.

If you discover any of these signs we’ve mentioned in this article, running a dehumidifier is paramount. You want to ensure a cleaner and healthier air in your living environment as well as safeguard your property and belongings from mold infestations. Don’t you? So, remember to keep your dehumidifier handy and run it anytime you discover any of these signs!

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