Why do I need a dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are home appliances that help to regulate the relative humidity of your home. They eliminate excess air moisture which is a common cause of mold and bacteria. If left unattended, these can degenerate into some health issues. If you live in a swampy environment commonly known with humid summer weather, chances are you need a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier makes your living environment more comfortable and ensures your homes always smells and feels fresh. There are many reasons you want to get a dehumidifier.

Let’s quickly go through them:

1. You commonly have leaky basement or air-dry in your basement

If you commonly experience leakages after heavy downpours, sweaty walls or notice some rings of molds, chances are you need a dehumidifier to eliminate the excess moisture and make the place drier.

If the basement is frequently damp, consider setting up a dehumidifier to run throughout the summer months.  You also need a dehumidifier if you commonly air dry your laundry in your basement. Apart from making the clothes to dry out fast, they also make a newly painted wall dry out fast.

2. You want to enhance  the qaulity of air in your home

You need a dehumidifier to improve the quality of air in your living environment.   While humidifier aids extra moisture into a home and eliminates issues of dry and flaky lips, acute cough, static electricity, and cracking of wooden furniture in your home while a dehumidifier eliminates excess moisture.

This is essential as overly dried air can result in a lot of health and breathing issues. You should also ensure that the humidity in your home falls within the healthy range of thirty-five to forty-five percent. Humidity higher than this level can cause the growth of molds and mildew, resulting in condensation, and make the environment favorable for the growth of bacteria.

3. You want a cleaner and drier air

You want a comfortable warm living environment. Don’t you? Damp air affects everything in your home including your favorite wooden furniture, your books, and even foods.  This is one of the reasons you need a good dehumidifier. It would help to regulate and maintain the humidity of your home at an appropriate level by wicking out the excess moisture.

Setting up a dehumidifier in your home also means that your foods like bread and dry cereals won’t go stale or moldy fast.

4.  You want to banish the growth of mold and mildew

Damp living environment favors the growth of mold and mildew which are a common cause of a lot of health-related issues like a stuffed nose, breathing issues, asthma and different forms of allergies.  Besides, excess mold and mildew in your home can degenerate into depression and nervous disorders.

Although you can fix the dripping faucets and leakage that contribute to excess humidity in your home, you need a short-term and immediate solution to remain healthy. This is why you need a dehumidifier. The best dehumidifier commonly eliminates molds and mildews fast. They can even solve the problem overnight.

5. You want to banish musty odor from your home

Excessive humidity commonly give rise to mold and mildew which are responsible for the unpleasant stuffy smell of a musty home. These microorganisms commonly discharge foul-smelly gases which get soaked up by everything in your home including your walls, clothing, and upholsteries.

By placing a dehumidifier in locations commonly known for musty smells like the basement and your laundry space you banish such musty odor. You want to return from work and meet your home smelling fresh and clean. This is why you need a dehumidifier which commonly eliminates your home of excessive moisture which traps and retain odor.

6. You want to prevent the growth of dust mites

Dust mites are disgusting microscopic organisms that are commonly found on bedcovers, mattresses, curtains, carpets, towels and other materials in your home including your clothes. The more distasteful part of it is that this invisible organism feeds on organic matters like your shredded skin.

Although, these grow in every home their effects are worst in a damp environment with high humidity levels. They cause many dust mite allergies. You can eliminate more than fifty percent of the problem by setting up a dehumidifier.

7. You want to minimize issues of condensation in your home

Many homes suffer from issues of condensation.  This commonly occurs when the humidity level of the home is very high. Besides, cooking, water heater and the use of hot showers or warm baths can trigger condensation. However, during this primary stage, the noticeable effect is only streamed on your mirrors and windows.

However, in the long run, it causes your wallpapers to peel, resulting in the development of damp patches on walls, and causes your wooden furniture to shrink.  By running a humidifier early, you can prevent these further deterioration and problems in your home.

8. You want to safeguard your home

A dehumidifier not only benefits you and those living with you, it equally protects your home from untimely deterioration. It safeguards your interior decoration including your furniture, fittings, bedcovers, clothing, walls and much more. Allowing leakage that sips through your window sills can damage it eventually.

Setting up home dehumidifiers can save your electronics and prevent the peel of your home wallpapers, keep your documents safe and eliminate nasty smells from your settee, curtains, and musical types of equipment.

9. You and other occupants of your home are suffering from allergies

If you or other occupants of your home suffer from allergies, you probably need to get rid of extra moisture in which case you need a dehumidifier. It will mitigate the allergic reactions including those caused by molds, mildews and dust mites. That extra moisture in the air is what creates a favorable breeding ground for these micro-organisms. To improve the quality of air in your home get a dehumidifier with antimicrobial properties. These types of dehumidifiers stop bacteria from growing on the moisture-wicking container of the system.

10. For health reasons

Excess moisture in your home can result in a lot of health issues and cause mold and mildews to grow. The whole importance of setting up a dehumidifier in a home can be summed up as helping to ensure a more comfortable, safer and healthier living environment.

Although dehumidifiers don’t purify the air, by eliminating excess moisture, they help to eliminate the levels of contaminated air in your home. To maintain a healthy living condition and environment, it is highly essential you keep the humidity in your home at an appropriate level.

This would make the environment unfriendly for the growth of bacteria, molds and mildews and even dust mites which can affect your health in several ways. A dehumidifier helps you to eliminate excess moisture and these associated issues.


Now you know why you need a dehumidifier in your home. It helps you to kiss goodbye to allergic reactions caused by molds, mildews and dust mites. Some of the allergies you suffer like a stuffed nose, scratchy or gooey eyes, sneezes, breathing issues and irritated skin are caused by excessive humidity, With a dehumidifier, you can banish all these health issues out of your home and enjoy a fresher and healthier home.

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